Data Scientist

Chiho Song is a poverty and social mobility researcher, with expertise in intergenerational income mobility. Chiho is a post-doctoral fellow volunteering as a data scientist for several projects at P4C and the UW SSW.

In Korea, Chiho has about five years of research experience working as a research assistant at the Korea institute for Health and Social Affairs, where he participated in various research projects including estimating the national minimum living cost and producing Korea Welfare Panel Study data to assess the well-being of low-income families. He is interested in examining a relationship between inter-generational social mobility and the welfare state in international comparative perspective with a focus on linking research to policy. His goal is to do in-depth research on the key mechanisms through which economic advantages or impediments can be transferred from one generation to the next, thereby suggesting policy alternatives to improve upward mobility for the citizenry in modern democracies with market economies.

Chiho holds a BA (2005) and MA (2007) in Social Welfare from Seoul National University, Korea, and a Ph.D. (2019) from the UW SSW.