Status Summary

First reading, referred to Children, Youth & Families on 1.18.21. 

Public hearing in the House Committee on Children, Youth & Families on 1.27.21. 

Executive action taken in the House Committee on Children, Youth & Families on 1.28.21.

Referred to Rules 2 Review on 2.1.21.

Rules Committee relieved of further consideration. Placed on second reading on 2.2.21.

Rules suspended. Placed and passed on Third Reading on 2.3.21.

In the Senate

First reading, referred to Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation on 2.5.21.

(updated 3.5.21)

Legislative Session



In Progress



The legislature finds that family resource centers are critical to prevent child abuse and neglect and strengthen families and communities. HB1237 is intended to provide a common definition for family resource centers across Washington state and establish a core set of principles for existing and newly forming family resource centers. Both the core principles and definitions are delineated in the statute. The core principles for family resource centers shall include, but are not limited to: 

(a) Quality;

(b) Mutual respect;

(c) Families are resources to other families and the community;

(d) Strengthening families' cultural, racial, and linguistic identities;

(e) Embedding programs in the community.