Status Summary

First reading, referred to Education on 1.17.19.

Public hearing in the House Committee on Education on 2.5.19.

Executive session scheduled, but not action taken, in the House Committee on Education on 2.7.19.

Executive session scheduled in the House Committee on Education on 2.18.19; 1st substitute bill passed.

Referred to Appropriations on 2.21.19.
Not yet scheduled for a hearing.
As of mid-March, the bill is dead. However, it could “come back" during the 2019 session as an amendment on another bill or other mechanisms, or next year (since bills technically stay alive for the full 2019-20 biennium).

(updated 1.9.20)

Legislative Session



In Progress



The bill proposes that the Office Of The Superintendent Of Public Instruction (OSPI) create a competitive grant process to evaluate and award state-funded grants to school districts to increase identification of students experiencing homelessness and the capacity of the districts to provide support to those students.  

Funds may be used in a manner that is complementary to federal McKinney-Vento funds and consistent with allowable uses as determined by OSPI.   

The bill notes that grants awarded by the state must include geographic diversity of Washington and allow greater weight given to school districts based on a list of criteria that includes (non-comprehensive list) partnerships, needs of youth, addressing the opportunity gap and systemic inequities that may impact homeless students and students of color.