Status Summary

Passed out of the House. Passed out of the Senate Committee on Human Services, Mental Health & Housing on Mar 22. Passed to Rules for second reading on Mar 27, but did not come up for a floor vote before the Opposite House cutoff.

Legislative Session






HB 1790 amends current statute, the juvenile court act specifically, to exempt the department of social and health services from following the outlined process of petitioning the court to deal with a dependent child. The language is amended to add “Except where the department is the petitioner” to the following sentence:

“Except where the department is the petitioner, in counties having paid probation officers, these officers shall, to the extent possible, first determine if a petition is reasonably justifiable. Each petition shall be verified and contain a statement of facts constituting a dependency, and the names and residence, if known to the petitioner, of the parents, guardian, or custodian of the alleged dependent child.”