Status Summary

Passed out of the House. Had a public hearing in the Senate Committee on Human Services, Mental Health & Housing on Mar 15.

Legislative Session



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The 2016 Office of Homeless Youth's annual report identifies ensuring that youth exiting public systems are not released into homelessness as a goal and it recommends expanding options for youth to enroll in extended foster care.  This bill would authorize eligible non-minor dependents to unenroll and reenroll, an unlimited number of times between ages eighteen and twenty-one, in extended foster care through a voluntary placement agreement. It would also require the Department of Social and Health Services to allow youth who have received extended foster care services, but lost his or her eligibility, to reenter the extended foster care program through a voluntary placement agreement when he or she meets the eligibility criteria again.  It also requires the state institute for public policy to conduct a study measuring the outcomes for youth who have received extended foster care services.

A null and void clause was added prior to passage in Appropriations.