Status Summary

First reading, referred to Appropriations on 2.4.19.

Public hearing in the House Committee on Appropriations on 2.18.19.

As of mid-March, the bill is dead. However, it could “come back" during the 2019 session as an amendment on another bill or other mechanisms, or next year (since bills technically stay alive for the full 2019-20 biennium).

(updated 1.10.20)

Legislative Session



In Progress



The legislature recognizes that the state’s 2018-19 Omnibus Operating Appropriations Act includes funding for eliminating lunch copays for K-3rd grade students, and finds that extending this copay elimination to students in Pre-K and 4th-12th grades is an appropriate and cost-effective way to promote the health and academic success of students who qualify for reduced-price lunches.

Therefore, RCW 28A.235.160 is amended to update the definition of “lunch c-opay” and states that beginning in the 2019-20 school year, school districts with school lunch programs must eliminate lunch copays for students who qualify for reduced-price lunches in Pre-K-12th grades.