Status Summary

First reading, referred to Appropriations on 2.6.19.

Public hearing in the House Committee on Appropriations on 2.21.19.

Executive action taken in the House Committee on Appropriations on 2.25.19; majority passed.

Referred to Rules 2 Review on 2.28.19.
(updated 3.15.19)

Legislative Session



In Progress



HB 1915 amends RCW 74.20.040 to increase the annual fee for child support enforcement services by declaring that effective October 1st, 2020, the secretary of the DSHS shall impose an annual fee of $35 for each case where services are furnished. This is a change from the prior $25 fee.

Furthermore, cases must meet requirements which include:

  • the custodial parent has never received assistance under TANF, AFDC, or tribal TANF; and
  • the state has collected at least $500 of support.

The annual fee shall be retained by the state, but not from the first $550 of support, a change from the prior $500 of support.