Status Summary

First reading, referred to Human Services & Early Learning on 2.19.19.
Not yet scheduled for a hearing.

As of mid-March, the bill is dead. However, it could “come back" during the 2019 session as an amendment on another bill or other mechanisms, or next year (since bills technically stay alive for the full 2019-20 biennium).

(updated 1.10.20)

Legislative Session



In Progress



The bill would allow “excellent early learning professionals who are promoted to the role of center assistant director or director to take advantage of the opportunity for professional growth by allowing these providers additional time and flexibility to meet staff qualification requirements.”  The legislation also “intends to clarify that college credits earned toward an early childhood education degree will be considered an equivalent if the number o earned credits equals forty-five credits or more.”    Finally, HB2094 directs the Dept. of Children, Youth, and Families to revise rules related to early learning professional qualifications in order to allow any provider to meet the required qualifications within 5 years after Aug. 1, 2019, or within 5 years after being employed or promoted into his or her position, whichever is later.  And again, the legislation requires that DCYF recognize forty-five completed credits in early childhood education as equivalent to the state early childhood education certificate.