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Prefiled for introduction on 1.10.2020. First reading, referred to Consumer Protection & Business on 1.13.2020. Public hearing in the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Business on 1.22.2020. Executive session scheduled in the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Business on 1.24.2020 at 9:00 a.m. Executive action taken in the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Business on 1.28.2020; 1st substitute bill passed. Referred to Appropriations on 1.31.2020. Public hearing in the House Committee on Appropriations at 9:00am. Executive action taken in Appropriations on 2.10.2020; 1st substitute bill passed. Referred to Rules 2 review on 2.11.2020. Rules Committee relieved of further consideration and placed on second reading on 2.14.2020.1st substitute bill substituted; Rules  suspended, placed and passed on third reading on 2.19.2020. IN THE SENATE: First reading, referred to Labor & Commerce on 2.21.2020. (updated 3.13.2020)

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Rep. Vick

Individuals will not be prevented from obtaining a professional license due to a prior criminal conviction which does not directly relate to the profession. Applicants may submit a preliminary application for licensure to the appropriate authority. The authority may charge up to $100 for this application, and must respond in writing within six months with their determination. The authority may advise on action the individual may take to remedy disqualifications.


Substitute Bill:

Creates a preliminary application process for professional licenses, administered by the Department of Licensing for a person with criminal conviction to obtain a determination of whether the individual's criminal history will disqualify the individual from obtaining an professional license.