Status Summary

First reading, referred to Health Care & Wellness on 1.14.2020. Public hearing in the House Committee on Health Care & Wellness on 1.22.2020. Executive action taken in the House Committee on Health Care & Wellness on 1.31.20; 1st substitute bill passed. Referred to Rules 2 Review on 2.4.2020. Rules Committee relieved of further consideration. Placed on second reading on 2.10.2020. 1st substitute bill substituted and floor amendment(s) adopted. Rules suspended. Placed and passed on Third Reading on 2.12.2020. (updated 2.14.2020)


Legislative Session



In Progress


Rep. Orwall

In order to prevent suicide, relevant trainings for mental health professionals are expanded (to include licensed optometrists) must be provided and meet minimum standards as outlined. 

Specifics regarding the mandatory 2nd training are included.  Professions that had been exempt from the 1st training must now complete it by July 1, 2021. By January 2021, the department shall adopt minimum standards for trainings on treatments that have shown to be effective in working with people who are suicidal. 

Amendments: Requires advanced suicide prevention training for certain mental health professionals. Requires optometrists and acupuncture and Eastern medicine practitioners to complete one-time training in suicide assessment, treatment, and management. Requires veterinarians and veterinary technicians to complete suicide prevention training. Requires the University of Washington to develop suicide prevention training for the construction industry.