Status Summary

First reading, referred to Human Services & Early Learning on 1.28.2020. Public hearing in the House Committee on Human Services & Early Learning on 2.5.2020. Executive action taken in the House Committee on Human Services & Early Learning on 2.7.2020; 1st substitute bill passed and referred to Appropriations. Public hearing in Appropriations on 2.10.2020. Executive action taken in the House Committee on Appropriations on 2.11.2020; 1st substitute bill proposed by Human Services & Early Learning passed and referred to Rules 2 Review. Rules Committee relieved of further consideration. Placed on second reading on 2.12.2020. Passed by the House on 2.13.2020. IN THE SENATE: First reading, referred to Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation on 2.17.2020. Public hearing and executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation on 2.20.2020; majority pass. Passed to Rules Committee for second reading on 2.24.2020. Placed on second reading consent calendar on 3.2.2020. Rules suspended. Placed and passed on Third Reading on 3.3.2020. IN THE HOUSE: Speaker signed on 3.5.2020. IN THE SENATE: President signed on 3.6.2020. OTHER THAN LEGISLATIVE ACTION. Delivered to Governor on 3.9.2020. (updated 3.13.2020) 

Legislative Session





Rep. Johnson, J.

"Family Reconciliation Services" (FRS) is defined to mean services provided by culturally relevant, trauma-informed community-based entities under contract with the department designed to assess and stabilize the family with the goal of resolving crisis and building supports, skills, and connection to community networks and resources. These include referrals for services for suicide prevention, psychiatric or other medical care, psychological care, behavioral health treatment, legal assistance, or educational assistance;  parent training; and assistance with conflict management or dispute resolution; or other social services, as appropriate.

The bill would allow a community based entity under contract with the Dept. of Children, Youth, and Families to complete the family assessment required in order to file a CHINS or ARY petition.

Starting in December 2020, an annual report from shall be provided from the department about FRS. Details required in this report are further outlined. If the department cannot provide this they must submit a plan of how this report will be conducted.


Committee Amendment:

Clarifies that entities under contract or the Department may provide family reconciliation services. Replaces the reporting requirement with publicly available information regarding family reconciliation services. Clarifies that youth may request family reconciliation services.