Status Summary

Introduced and referred to Ways and Means and Subcommittee on Human Resources on 5/18/2017. Referred to the Subcommittee on Human Resources on 5/31/2017.
(updated 1/8/19)

Legislative Session





Davis (D-IL-7)

HR 2512 amends Title 23 of the Federal Highway Administration to waive foster care youth, ages 16 to 26, from paying fees to the Department Of Motor Vehicles.

The bill amends Title IV of the Social Security Act to expand foster parent training and provides new appropriations to support the obtainment of a driver’s license.  HR 2512 also provides insurance funding, as well as driver’s education classes and licensing fees, for youths previously involved in foster care. 

This bill was introduced to address transportation as a serious barrier that faces previous foster youths in transition to adulthood and employment needs, as transportation costs can be prohibitive, and public transportation may be insufficient for an individual’s needs based on where they live.