Status Summary

House - 04/23/2021 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

Legislative Session



In Progress


Rep. Eshoo

This bill modifies the federal framework governing the prevention of online sexual exploitation of children.

The bill establishes within the Executive Office of the President a new office—the Office to Enforce and Protect Against Child Sexual Exploitation—to coordinate federal efforts to prevent, investigate, prosecute, and treat victims of child exploitation.

Additionally, it establishes the Child Sexual Exploitation Treatment, Support, and Prevention Fund to make grants and fund federal efforts to treat and support victims of child sexual exploitation and evidence-based programs and services to prevent child sexual exploitation.

Finally, the bill makes changes to the reporting requirements for electronic communication service providers and remote computing service providers (providers) who report apparent instances of crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children. Among the changes, the bill requires providers to report facts and circumstances sufficient to identify and locate each involved individual and increases the amount of time that providers must preserve the contents of a report.