Status Summary

First reading, referred to Health & Long-Term Care Committee on 1.14.19. Public hearing scheduled in the Senate Committee on Health & Long-Term Care on 1.25.19 at 8:00 a.m. Executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care on 1.30.19; majority pass. Passed to Rules Committee for second reading on 1.31.19. (updated 2.15.19)

Legislative Session



In Progress



Establishes requirements for approved supervision towards certifications for all applicants in regular or alternative pathways, and allows approved supervision to be provided by a LCSW or licensed mental health practitioner with at least one year of experience in treatment of substance use disorders. 


SB5053 bill also adjusts the timeline for proof of required documentation by removing the prior 60 day requirement and adjusting the language to allow reasonable time limits.


Finally, the bill proposes that the Department of Health conduct a review to evaluate the potential creation of a bachelor’s level behavioral health professional credential, designed to enable work in concurrence with master’s level clinicians.