Status Summary

Passed out of the Senate, and had a public hearing in the House Appropriations Committee on Mar 15.

Legislative Session



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SB 5066 establishes the zero-based budget review process to provide more thorough analyses of the programs and services provided by state agencies and to better prioritize the expenditure of public resources. Zero-based budgeting is a process that is designed to control expenditures by identifying the purposes of, and measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of, all activities. Traditional budgeting would provide a line-item process where only incremental spending is usually considered. Unlike traditional budgeting, which is based on budget history, no item is automatically included in the next budget in zero-based budgeting. This bill would establish a zero-based budget review process in the state of Washington. The Legislature may specify in the Omnibus Operating Appropriations Act, or other legislation, certain programs for which agencies must perform a zero-based budget review.