Status Summary

Passed out of the Senate. Had a public hearing in the House Early Learning & Human Services Committee on Mar 21, and scheduled for executive session on either Mar 24 or Mar 28.

Legislative Session



In Progress




SB 5749 states that by October 1, 2017 the DSHS must provide a single set of regulations for providers of mental health, substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorder treatments. Regulations must be clear and not unduly burdensome on providers. Also, when conducting audits relating to the provision of behavioral health services, the DSHS must: rely on a sampling methodology consistent with standards of other licensing and accrediting bodies in the review of records; treat organizations with multiple locations as a single entity; share audit results with BHOs to assist with their review process and take steps to coordinate and combine audit activities when appropriate; coordinate audit functions with the Department of Health to combine audit activities into a single site visit and eliminate redundancies; not require duplicative information to be included in clinical files except where required by federal law; and ensure audits involving manualized evidence such as Wraparound with Intensive Services or research-based programs are conducted by personnel familiar with the program model, to the extent practicable, and in a