Status Summary

First reading, referred to Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation on 1.17.2020. Public hearing scheduled in the Senate Committee on Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation at 8:00 AM on 1.22.2020. Executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation on 1.30.2020; 1st substitute bill passed and referred to Ways & Means. Referred to Ways & Means on 2.3.2020. Public hearing in Ways & Means on 2.10.2020. Executive action taken in Ways & Means on 2.11.2020. 2nd substitute adopted and passed onto Rules. Placed on second reading by Rules Committee on 2.17.2020. 2nd substitute bill heard and passed out of the Senate (30-18) on 2.18.2020. IN THE HOUSE: First reading, referred to Human Services & Early Learning on 2.21.2020. (updated 2.21.2020) 

Legislative Session



In Progress


Sen. Nguyen

Expands hardship reasons a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipient is exempt from the 60-month time limit for TANF benefits. Allows, rather than requires, the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to reduce a family's TANF grant due to non-compliance and removes the option to terminate the grant.

Prohibits DSHS from requiring TANF applicants to attend an orientation as a condition of eligibility. Directs DSHS to revise the comprehensive study of living costs that the standard of need for TANF is based upon. Directs DSHS to base the standards for the Pregnant Women Assistance and the State Family Assistance programs on the revised comprehensive study. Specifies the act applies prospectively only, and not retroactively. 


2nd Substitute:

If a recipient refuses to engage in work and work activities required by DSHS, after two months of continuous noncompliance, the family's grant must be reduced by the recipient's share or by 40 percent, whichever is greater. DSHS must terminate the grant after 12 months of continuous noncompliance. This provision applies prospectively and not retroactively. If funding is not provided by June 30, 2020 in the supplemental omnibus appropriations act, this bill is null and void.