Thank you to everyone who attended the 2nd Annual Child Welfare Data Trends Forum – we had a very engaged audience of nearly 120 individuals! We want to thank Washington State DSHS Children’s Administration for partnering with us again and providing great insights about the trends we’ve been seeing in the data over the last few years.

We focused on a few key areas, including the:

  • Increase of number of reports of child maltreatment and how this affects caseworker workload;
  • Recent uptick in the number of children in foster care (after several years of decline!);
  • Decrease in the number of teens entering foster care –  which means a greater proportion of the foster care population are babies and very young children;
  • Decrease in family reunification and increase in adoption in recent years; and
  • Increase in number of young adults (18-21) taking advantage of extended foster care.

Check out the Child Welfare Data Trends Presentation. If you want to know more about the “why” for these data, just shoot us your questions at