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2SSB 5732: Relating to improving behavioral health services provided to adults in Washington State

Sponsored by Sen. Carrell, SSSB 5732 directs the legislature to convene a task force to examine reform of the adult behavioral health system. DSHS and the Health Care Authority must implement a strategy for the improvement of the adult behavioral health system, which must assess the capacity of the current publicly funded system to provide evidence-based, research-based, and promising practices; identify and increase the use of such practices; design and implement a transparent quality management system; and identify services delivery and financing mechanisms to improve the system. In addition, WSIPP will prepare an inventory of such practices for DSHS to use. DSHS will also work with the Health Care Authority to develop a plan for a tribal-centric behavioral health system.

Further, SSSB 5732 states that when an individual who was involuntarily committed for 90 or 180 days no longer needs active psychiatric treatment, the regional support network responsible for resource management services for the person must work together with the hospital to develop an individualized discharge plan within 21 days of that determination. Definitions of “research-based,” “evidence-based,” and “emerging” and “promising” practices are provided.