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HB 1061: Concerning youth eligible for developmental disability services who are expected to exit the child welfare system

The goal of HB1061 is to help reduce former foster youth with developmental disabilities who are discharged into homelessness or inappropriately placed in hospitals.

The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and the Department of Children, Youth and Families shall collaborate to determine the number of individuals under 21 who are functionally and financially eligible for Medicaid waiver services administered by DDA, who are also dependents of the state, who are expected to exit dependency proceedings. They are required to submit an annual report to the legislature that provides the number of children and youth identified and other relevant information related to best serving these youth.

Additionally, the department shall convene a shared planning meeting for youth who are eligible for these services administered by the developmental disabilities administration, when the youth is between the ages of 16 and 16.5. This meeting shall be used to begin planning services for the youth in advance of the youth’s transition to adulthood and lead to the development of an action plan so that services will be provided following the youth’s exit from dependency proceedings.