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HB 1123: Establishing the Washington Promise Program, providing affordable access to post-secondary education

Proposes creating the Washington Promise Program, intended to provide affordable access to higher education for low and moderate-income students, which includes the state’s college bound scholarship program and the state need grant. 

The bill allows for the use of a tuition waiver for eligible students who are enrolled in an associate degree or certificate program offered by community and technical colleges.

Furthermore, the bill specifies responsibilities to the Office of Student Financial Assistance, including:

  • Establishing the pilot program in up to five cities/counties within certain geographic parameters 
  • Administering the Washington Promise Program
  • Conduct a study on the effectiveness of the program

Regarding funding, HB 1123 allocates appropriations from a combination of private grants, contributions, and state matching funds.

The bill would take effect on July 1, 2019.