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HB 1151: Bolstering economic recovery

HB1151 states that the consolidated emergency assistance program may be provided for more than one period of time within any consecutive 12-month period, as established in an order from the governor. This change will remain in effect until either the state of emergency ceases, the order expires, or the governor issues an order terminating these changes, whichever comes first.

The bill also allows households with children receiving food benefits, who are not also receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), to receive a one-time cash benefit in the final month of eligibility when the food benefits terminate due to exceeding the gross income limit or when the household requests voluntary closure.

Additionally, DSHS shall provide transitional food assistance for a period of 5 months to households receiving an emergency grant when eligibility for food ceases due to exceeding the gross income limit or the household requests closure.  The dept is also directed to extend the food benefit certification until the end of the transition period. 

The bill expands the reasonable allowances related to the determination of standard of need, and by July 1, 2022, directs DSHS to use an existing, broadly used national standard that meets certain requirements as the base for annual updating.

1st substitute:

  • Adds an emergency clause with an immediate effective date for the provisions related to the CEAP
  • Requires the one-time cash benefit for households whose eligibility for Basic Food is ending to be funded with state funds