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HB 1182: Enhancing and expanding behavioral health and suicide prevention crisis response services

The goal of HB1182 is to create a comprehensive crisis response system with high quality support for individuals in a behavioral health crisis, including, but not limited, to rapid response from teams of community-based mental health professionals, access to short-term and peer-operated stabilization centers, and follow-up care. 

Prior to July 16, 2022, the department shall designate one or more crisis hotline centers to provide crisis intervention services and crisis care coordination through the 988 crisis hotline from any jurisdiction within Washington state 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Crisis hotline centers will receive crisis assistance requests through phone calls, texts, chats, and any other methods of communication to be developed in the future. 

The system must assign and track local response to behavioral health crisis calls, including the capacity to rapidly deploy mobile crisis teams and arrange same-day, next-day, and follow-up outpatient appointments with geographically, culturally, and linguistically appropriate primary care or behavioral health providers.

The bill requires certain professionals to be a part of the mobile rapid response crisis teams, that they collaborate with local law enforcement agencies, and that they are designed partnership with community members, including people with lived experience using crisis services, and are staffed by personnel that reflect the demographics of the community served.

Specialized mobile rapid response crisis teams will be created to respond to the unique needs of youth, including American Indian and Alaska Native youth and LGBTQ youth,  the unique needs of the geriatric population, including older adults of color and older adults with co-morbid dementia, and others.

Responsibility for payment will depend on individuals’ enrollment in health care coverage. 

Each fiscal biennium, the legislature must appropriate to the authority such amounts as are required for the reimbursement of crisis response services. 

The governor will create an implementation coalition for oversight and to enhance and expand behavioral health and suicide prevention crisis services in Washington state.