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HB 1182: Modifying the learning assistance program

HB 1182 intends to restore flexibility to the use of learning assistance program funds, while requiring that school districts budget and expend learning assistance programs at both district and school levels in manners consistent with the Washington Integrated Student Supports Protocol (WISSP).  This includes expanding eligibility from 11thand 12thgrade students to 9th-12thgrade students.

The bill also anticipates that school districts use needs assessment and data to:

  • Map the resources of the district to identify gaps in the coordination and integration of academic and nonacademic supports 
  • Engage community partners in strategic planning to prioritize the needs of students
  • Determine how to best engage community partners 

In addition, 1182 intends to require monitoring of school district learning assistance programs to ensure fidelity in implementation of best practices consistent with WISSP.

In terms of funding, 1182 encourages school districts to expend the appropriations for the learning assistance program, while maintaining consistency with WISSP, effective August 1st, 2021. 

Regarding evaluation, 1182 stipulates that the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall convene a panel of experts to identify best practices and strategies that may be used to provide behavioral and other non-academic supports to participating students, and such information shall be published by July 1st, 2022. 

Furthermore, school districts will be required entrance and exit performance data for each participating student annually by September 30th.