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HB 1273: Relating to implementing family and medical leave insurance

HB 1273 does the following:

  • Provides up to 12 weeks to care for a new child or seriously ill family member, and 12 weeks for the worker’s own serious health condition;
  • Pays benefits of 2/3 weekly wages;
  • Begins October 2017 for family leave and October 2018 for workers health.

The proposal Is fully self-funded with premiums of 0.2% of pay, paid by workers and matched by employers.

Labor Committee Amendment:  As amended, HB 1273 modifies the business and occupation tax credit provision to provide that the 50 or fewer employees is determined by considering all of the employer’s worksites, rather than worksites within a 75-mile radius of an employee’s worksite. The bill now allows credits to be carried over into a subsequent tax reporting period, and adds administrative provisions. Additionally, the substitute bill allows the same credit for taxpayers who pay the public utility tax in lieu of the business and occupation tax. A tax preference performance statement is included, and additions are made to ESD’s reporting requirements. A date error is corrected, clarification is made that the premium is paid to the ESD, and other more technical changes are made.