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HB 1318: Providing for equity and access in the community and technical colleges

Among other provisions, HB1318 will establish and expand proven mentorship and advising programs at community and technical colleges in order to increase equitable access and educational success for all residents of the state, particularly for students from communities of color and low-income communities. 

Such programs, including guided pathways, integrated basic education skills and training, mentoring programs, and improved advising programs shall be implemented at all community and technical colleges, with the goal of doubling completion rates for students in the next eight years. To accomplish this goal, the legislature intends that all students receiving Washington college grants, college bound scholarships, or federal Pell grants should receive these supports.

In addition to the support programs for students, beginning July 30, 2022, and annually thereafter, all community and technical colleges must submit, on an annual basis, strategic plans to the state board for community and technical colleges for achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion on their campuses. Additionally, by December 26 1, 2023, each community and technical college shall establish a faculty diversity program.

The legislature also recognizes the need to support accessible and available child care. HB1318 will also require the state board for community and technical colleges to design a program to help full-time and part-time students access child care services and to assist eligible students to qualify for child care subsidies.