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HB 1347: Concerning exceptional foster care maintenance payments

HB1347 establishes exceptional foster care maintenance payments, that are at least one third the amount that would otherwise be provided to a qualified residential treatment program, are redirects those funds to foster parent(s) for the first six months of the child’s stay with the foster parent.  
After a foster parent has provided care for the child for six months, and every six months thereafter, the department will negotiate an appropriate maintenance payment with the foster parent who is caring for a child meeting the description provided with the goal of maintaining stability the child. 

The circumstances in which foster care maintenance payments are allowed are defined.

HB1347 also amends current law such that the department will develop, administer, supervise, and monitor a coordinated and comprehensive plan that establishes, aids, and strengthens services for the protection and care of runaway, dependent, or neglected children and outlines specifics.