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In order to better assess mental health concerns among young people, HB1354 establishes a youth suicide review team, to complement the work of the state suicide prevention plan steering committee, by providing a focused investigation of the lives of youth up to age 24 who have died by suicide. 

Each instance of persons under 24 who have died by suicide in Washington during the 2020 calendar year will be investigated, which may not include suicides occurring within the boundaries of an Indian reservation if the Tribal government opposes the review.

The purpose of the investigation shall be to establish recommendations for targeting intervention programs to reach youth at risk for suicide earlier in life. The Washington youth suicide review team shall consist of 23 members appointed by the governor, as delineated within the bill. All health care information collected as part of the Washington youth suicide review team is confidential, subject to the restrictions on disclosure provided for in chapter 70.02 RCW and at the discretion of the Department of Health.