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HB 1432: Concerning foundational public health services

HB 1432 creates the core public health services account in the state treasury. Expenditures from the account may only be used for foundational public health services. Distributions from the account shall be made by the department under allocation plans mutually agreed to by the department and local health jurisdictions, and shall not be subject to any administrative fees, expenses, or other deductions by the department. “Core programs” means public health programs needed in every community in order to protect people’s health and are defined as:  (a) Control of communicable disease and other notifiable conditions; (b) Chronic disease and injury prevention;  (c) Environmental public health;  (d) Maternal, child, and family health;  (e) Access to and linkage with medical, oral, and behavioral health care services; and  (f) Vital records. 

Core or foundational public health services are also defined as: Essential capabilities and core programs that must be present in every community through the governmental public health system to effectively and efficiently protect and promote healthy individuals, families, and communities throughout Washington and: (a) Are population-based prevention services or individual interventions that have significant population health implications; (b) Require a consistent and uniform level of services throughout all communities in the state to protect the population;  (c) Have governmental public health as the only or primary service provider; or (d) Provide the necessary organizational capabilities to support program services.