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HB 1441: Prohibiting discrimination against prospective tenants for unpaid rent or eviction during the COVID-19 pandemic

Among other provisions, HB1441 establishes that a landlord may not, based on a balance of rent due that was accrued during an eviction moratorium and has not been paid by an otherwise eligible prospective tenant, or based on an eviction that resulted from unpaid rent that accrued during an eviction moratorium: 

(a) Refuse to lease or rent any real property to a prospective tenant; 

(b) Make any distinction, discrimination, or restriction against a prospective tenant in the price, terms, conditions, fees, or privileges relating to the rental, lease, or occupancy of real property or in the furnishing of any facilities or services in connection with the rental, lease, or occupancy of real property; 

(c) Attempt to discourage the rental or lease of any real property to a prospective tenant.

A person in violation of this section shall be held liable in a civil action up to four and one-half times the monthly rent of the real property at issue, as well as court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.