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HB 1462: Concerning the total compensation for telemedicine services

HB1462 codifies the office of the insurance commissioner’s interpretive statement requiring health carriers to pay providers the same total compensation for telemedicine services as they would for in-person services unless negotiation has been undertaken as allowed by the law.

With few limitations, for health plans issued or renewed on or after January 1, 2021, HB1462 amends current statute such that now a health carrier shall reimburse a provider for a health care service provided to a covered person through telemedicine at the same amount of total compensation as the health carrier would pay if the health care service was provided in person. Hospitals, hospital systems, telemedicine companies, and provider groups may elect to negotiate a total compensation amount for telemedicine services, as opposed to previous reimbursement rates.

Definitions are outlined in the underlying bill; however, HB1462 allows the commissioner to adopt rules necessary to implement this section.