Partners for Our Children

This act adds amends legislature in order to provide further assistance in regard to recovery support services, and does so by detailing specific changes in various aspects of life, including:


​                -Must also receive a voucher that the person may present in exchange for services.


Technological supports

Family education

Community supports

College recovery programs

The Student Achievement Council shall establish a grant program to support the establishment of collegiate recovery services to support students in higher education institutions to maintain their recovery from a substance use disorder while attending school.


Updated on 4.12.19:

1st substitute:

  1. grant programs related to establishing supported employment programs, community-based programs, and collegiate recovery services;
  2.  pilot projects related to the use of technology-based recovery supports and recovery coaching services; and
  3. the contracting authority for educational programs for the family members of persons with substance use disorders.

2nd substitute:

The Appropriations Committee recommended adding language providing that the bill is null and void if funding is not provided in the operating budget by June 30, 2019.

Senate (updated on 4.11.19):


Clarifies that the prohibition on discharging a client to an unregistered recovery residence starting on January 1, 2023, does not otherwise limit discharge or referral options available to the client.