Partners for Our Children

*Companion to SB 5516 *

Recognizes the need for services for individuals with behavioral health needs, as well as the shortage of behavioral health workers in WA state. Therefore, the legislature establishes that there is a need for a trained workforce that is experienced in fully integrated care and able to address a full range of needs, as well as a need to support rural and underserved communities around the state.

As a result, this act declares the intention to partner with the University of Washington (UW) to develop plans for the creation of the UW Behavioral Health Innovation & Integration campus in order to increase access to behavioral health services in WA.

The bill also specifies that planning for the teaching campus should include:


Updated on 4.12.19:

1st substitute:

  1. Added provisions regarding siting the teaching hospital in cities with a population of 600,000 or more;
  2. Provided that the siting and design for the new campus should take into account local community needs and resources, with attention to diversity and cultural competence, and a focus on training;
  3. Required the UWSOM to consult with collective bargaining representatives of the UW health system workforce regarding plans to develop and site the teaching hospital;
  4. Added elements to what the plan may include; and
  5. Rearranged wording for clarity.

2nd substitute:

Senate (updated on 4.10.19):

The null and void clause was amended to clarify that the act is null and void if funding for the bill is not referenced in the omnibus capital appropriations act or omnibus operating appropriations act.