Partners for Our Children

HB 1760 is the companion (same as) to SB 5688.

Education Committee Amendment:  The amendment passed by the Education Committee did the following:  References to “social and emotional learning” were changed to “developmentally appropriate interpersonal and decision-making knowledge and skills of social and emotional learning.” A school counselor, social worker and psychologist were added to the work group. Legislative members from each caucus of both the House of Representatives and Senate are allowed, but not required, to be appointed to the work group. The section providing that school districts may use funding for materials, supplies, and operating costs to develop and update specific action plans to implement multi-tiered systems of support frameworks, including positive behavior interventions and supports and social and emotional learning, and curriculum aligned with the frameworks was stricken.  Finally, the bill now requires district developed plans to be submitted to the OSPI annually, and the OSPI must make these plans available on its website.