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HB 1907 amends, reenacts, and adds new sections to several RCWs relating to the substance use disorder treatment system.

First, the legislature specifies that the HCA may provide technical assistance to staff at secure withdrawal management and stabilization facilities and approved substance use disorder treatment programs to improve suicide assessment, treatment, and management.

Section 2 of this act amends the definitions provided in RCW 71.05.020 to establish subsection (35)(c), which declares “likelihood of serious harm” to include a “reasonable certainty that the person will suffer severe physical or mental harm as manifested by recent behavior, demonstrating an inability to avoid risk or to protect the person from impairment or injury.”

It is important to note that section 2 begins the process of modifying the language regarding “detoxification” to “withdrawal management and stabilization,” however, this act specifies several amendments to various RCWs adjusting the same definition.

Sections 23-25 establish new sections to RCW chapter 71.24 regarding Medicaid payment for health care services provided by an approved substance use disorder treatment program for services delivered to be at a rate not less than 100% of the payment rate that applies to services furnished by a licensed evaluation and treatment facility. Furthermore, the HCA shall develop a reimbursement methodology for ambulance services when transporting individual to a substance use disorder treatment program.

RCW 71.24.037 is amended to included that the Department of Health (DOH) must develop a process by which a provider may obtain dual licensure as an evaluation and treatment facility and a secure withdrawal management and stabilization facility.

Conclusively, sections 46 and 47 of this act determine the expiration and effective dates for various sections of this act.


Updated on 4.12.19:

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Senate (Updated on 4.12.19):

Allowed for a petition for 14 or 180 days of involuntary substance use disorder treatment of a minor to be signed by a chemical dependency professional instead of a mental health professional and an advanced registered nurse practitioner instead of a psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioner.