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HB 1930 modifies child custody provisions regarding non-parental actions for child custody and temporary custody orders and temporary parenting plans. It states that in a custody action between a nonparent and a parent, the nonparent seeking custody has the burden to show that the child is not in the physical custody of one of its parents and either: (a) Parental unfitness; or (b) that the child’s growth and development would be detrimentally affected by placement with an otherwise fit parent.  It also states that visitation with the child shall be limited if it is found that the parent seeking visitation has engaged in any of the following conduct: “a long-term emotional or physical impairment which interferes with the parent’s performance of parenting functions; (v) a long-term impairment resulting from drug, alcohol, or other substance abuse that interferes with the performance of parenting functions; (vi) the absence or substantial impairment of emotional ties between the parent and the child; (vii) the abusive use of conflict by the parent which creates the danger of serious damage to the child’s psychological development.