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HB 1932: Relating to improving medication management for youth

HB 1932 requires a second opinion review from an expert in psychiatry before approving the prescriptions of one or more antipsychotic medications (usually prescribed to treat behavioral and mental health problems) of all children under 18 years old in the foster care system. The feedback must include discussion of the psychosocial interventions that have been offered to the child, and caretaker, in order to address the behavioral issues brought to the attention of the prescribing physician. A list of available evidence-based treatment programs and providers will be distributed, and appropriate interventions from the list will be included in the child’s treatment plan.

Committee amendment:  As amended, the bill allows for the dispensing of a 30-day supply of prescriptions of antipsychotic medications pending the second opinion review. The substitute bill changes the requirement that the Health Care Authority ensure the appropriate use of cognitive behavioral therapies where appropriate to requiring it to promote the appropriate use of cognitive behavioral therapies where appropriate and available. The substitute bill requires managed health care systems serving Medicaid clients to develop and maintain a list of evidence-based treatments and other behavioral health resources under contract with the managed health care system. Managed health care systems must distribute the list to their health care providers and support staff who serve patients under 18 years old. The Evidence Based Practice Institute of Washington must be consulted during the development of the lists.