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HB 2002: Creating the social work professional loan repayment program

This act creates a new chapter in Title 28B RCW which establishes the Social Work Professional Loan Repayment Program, administered by the office, which must:

  • verify credentialed social work professionals who are eligible to participate;
  • adopt rules and develop guidelines to administer the program;
  • coordinate with the OFM Human Resources Division and the Student Achievement Council to publicize the program and maximize participation; and
  • accept grants and donations from public and private sources for the program.

Section 4 defines that social workers employed by the DSHS children’s administration or DCYF are eligible to participate in the program two years after commencing employment as a social worker for either agency.

Each participant is eligible for:

  • quarterly or more frequent payments;
  • a maximum lifetime award of $50,000, for up to 10 consecutive years, until the loan the repaid;
  • repayment of loans that shall begin no later than 90 days after the individual becomes a participant;
  • payments shall be made quarterly, until;
    • the loan is repaid;
    • the participant becomes ineligible due to discontinued service; or
    • the award limits are reached.

Section 4 also specifies that loans from federal government sources may be repaid by the program.

Conclusively, section 6 establishes that the Social Work Professional Loan Repayment Fund is created in custody of the state treasurer.