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HB 2069: Concerning continuation of safety net benefits for persons with a physical or mental disability which makes them eligible for certain social services programs

Sponsored by Rep. Hunter, HB 2069 does the following:

  • Modifies the Medical Care Services Program to include only those legal immigrants who are eligible form the Aged, Blind or Disabled Program and who are not eligible from Medicaid.
  • Adds an express reference to income and resource eligibility standards for the Aged, Blind and Disabled Assistance Program (ABD).
  • Clarifies that DSHS is responsible for the eligibility determinations for the ABD program and the Essential Needs and Housing Program.
  • Clarifies that persons eligible for the ABD program, the Pregnant Women’s Assistance Program, federal Supplemental Security Income, and TANF are not eligible for the Essential Needs and Housing Program (ENHS).  Those unable to work because of alcohol or drug addiction are also not eligible for ENHS services.