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HB 2191 concerns compliance with inspections of child care facilities. In the context of this bill, “child care facility” refers to a family day care home, school-aged care, and child day care center.

The bill states that the department of early learning may not require any alterations of a child care facility due to inconsistencies with requirements in the State Building Code Act unless the department receives notification from a city or county enforcement official in accordance with the State Building Code Act that an alteration of the child care facility is required. In addition, the department of early learning must pay all fees associated with building code and fire hazard inspections that are required for child care licensing. The department may not modify, suspend, or revoke child care license or business activities while the department is waiting for appropriate agency inspections, unless there is imminent danger for children or staff. If the appropriate agencies do not find imminent danger for children or staff, the department will be held responsible for business losses due to the modification, suspension, or revocation. Last, the Chief of the Washington State Patrol must develop an agreed upon timeline of compliance with applicants for licenses to correct any identified minimum standard violations.

Substitute bill: As amended, the bill requires the Department of Early Learning (DEL) to consult with a city or county enforcement official prior to requiring any alterations of a family home child care facility due to inconsistencies in established building codes. It specifies that the DEL consultation is limited to licensed child care space. Additionally, the bill specifies that the DEL may not modify, suspend, or revoke child care license or business activities while the DEL is waiting for appropriate agency consultation, unless there is imminent danger for children and staff.

House Floor Amendment:  As amended, the bill adds that the Department of Early Learning must receive written verification from the city or county enforcement official before requiring any alterations to a child care facility; and defines “child care facility” as a family day care home, school-age care, and child day care center.