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HB 2202 requires the chief information officer to coordinate implementation and expansion of an open data portal to facilitate the sharing and publication of government data in an open format. The bill also requires certain agencies to provide a proposed compliance plan to the Office of the Chief Information Officer, which must include a catalog of the agency’s public data sets and a timeline for making each data set publicly available in an open format.

Substitute bill:  Requires the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to coordinate implementation and expansion of an Open Data Portal for publication of government data maintained by, or on behalf of, executive branch state agencies.

Requires state executive branch agencies to designate a data coordinator and prepare a data catalog and compliance plans for making all public data sets available online.

Requires the OCIO to develop technical standards to facilitate publication of digital data in the public domain or otherwise free of restrictions on reuse, so that it can be used and implemented by anyone.