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HB 2282: Concerning changing provisions relating to the early learning advisory council

HB 2282 changes the membership composition of the early learning advisory council (will go from 23 to 33 members) to require that one of the parents on the council serve on a department parent-represented group; and that there be one representative of a statewide alliance of early learning advocates, and one representative from each of the ten early learning regional coalitions funded by the department and the private-public partnership appointed by the coalition that he or she will be representing. In addition, the council need not appoint two members and stakeholders with expertise in early learning to sit on the technical working group. 

The bill also identifies that one of the duties of the Dept. of Early Learning is to develop and implement a statewide early learning plan that guides the department in promoting alignment of private and public sector actions, objectives, and resources, and ensuring school readiness.

Substitute bill:  As amended, HB2282 adds one representative from each of the 10 Early Learning Regional Coalitions to the Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC); removes one leader in early childhood education appointed by the Governor from the ELAC; and adds one representative of school-age child care providers to the ELAC.