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HB 2317 establishes the summer expanded learning opportunities grant program to build capacity for partnerships between schools and community-based organizations in order to design and deliver evidence-based and innovative enrichment programs. The bill is designed to prevent summer learning loss and prevent school dropout, targeting disadvantaged students at risk of school failure or who are enrolled in low-performing schools that experience chronic opportunity gaps.

The bill states a variety of requirements including that the office of the superintendent of public instruction must contract with a statewide nonprofit organization to build capacity for, promote, and sustain an expanded learning opportunities system for elementary and secondary education and to support implementation of the summer expanded learning opportunities grant program. 

Substitute: As amended, the bill provides a description of Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELOs) and defines a target student population in grades kindergarten through 8 intended to receive them.  It establishes a Summer ELO Grant Program for schools and community-based organizations to deliver enrichment programs to prevent summer learning loss among the target student population, if funds are appropriated for this purpose.

HB 2317 directs the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to contract with a statewide nonprofit organization to build capacity for, promote, and sustain an ELO system, if funds are appropriated for this purpose.