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HB 2536: Concerning the use of evidence-based practices for the delivery of services to children and juveniles

The Legislative Digest states that this bill

“Addresses the use of evidence-based practices for the delivery of services to children and juveniles.

Expands the duties of the department of social and health services, a university-based evidence-based practice institute entity in the state, the partnership council on juvenile justice, the child mental health systems of care planning committee, the children, youth, and family advisory committee, the state racial disproportionality advisory committee, a university-based child welfare research entity in the state, regional support networks, the association of juvenile court administrators, the state institute for public policy, the University of Washington school of social work, and the state health care authority.”

Aims to increase the proportion of contracted services that have a sound scientific evidence base. This new law requires agencies that deliver prevention and intervention services to meet graduated requirements for increasing the percentage of funds expended on evidence-based programs.