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HB 2656 establishes a zero-based review process for non-entitlement programs. Zero-based budget reviews would begin in the 2017-2019 biennium, and twenty percent of all state agencies would be subject to this process each biennium. Information and analysis shall be submitted by the agencies to the governor and legislature and should include 1) the statutory basis and history of each program, 2) a description of how each program fits within the strategic plan of the agency, 3) available performance measures regarding effectiveness and efficiency, 4) staff data for each program and populations served by each program, 5) an analysis of costs and benefits of operating each program, 6) an analysis estimating each program’s administrative and overhead costs, 7) an analysis of the level of services provided, and 8) analysis estimating the level of funds reaching intended recipients. The House Appropriations committee and the Senate Ways and Means Committee would be required to hold at least one public hearing focused on the information and analysis provided by agencies.