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HB 2660: Continuing access to Medicaid services

HB2660 states that medical assistance to pregnant women whose family income at the time of application is no greater than 193% of the federal poverty level shall be provided.  In administering the program, the authority shall take such actions to assure the receipt of federal financial participation and any other federal funding sources currently available or available in the future.
The bill raises eligibility for Apple Health for Kids program (affordable health care coverage to children under the age of 19 who reside in Washington state) to 312% (from 250%) of the federal poverty, adjusted for family size.
Additionally, the bill:
• Changes premium eligibility for parents to 210% (from 200%) of the federal poverty level.
• Changes the limit from 250% to 260% of the federal poverty level 
• Requires that premiums will be established n consultation with the senate majority and minority leaders and the speaker and minority leader of the house of representatives.
• Restricts imposing premiums on children in households at or below 210% (from 200%) of the federal poverty level.
• Allows families with income levels above 310% of the federal poverty level to buy into the program.
Moves administrative authority in some cases from the Department of Early Learning to the new Department of Children, Youth, and Families
Companion Bill: SB 6304