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HB 2725: Renaming foster resource parents

The legislature shall rename “foster parents” to “foster resource parents” in order to reinforce the department’s primary goal of family reunification.

The preservice training for foster resource parents must not include any formal training regarding foster resource parenting as a process that could lead to the adoption of the child. Instead, the training must demonstrate that foster resource parenting is temporary, with the goals of keeping the child(ren) safe, promoting reunification. 


Summary of Substitute Bill:

Requires the Department of Children, Youth, and Families to convene a meeting or meetings with stakeholders, including birth parents and foster parents, to discuss changing the term “foster parent” and provide a report to the Legislature and the Governor regarding these meetings and recommendations regarding continued use of that terminology or using different terminology.

Requires that foster parent pre-service training demonstrate that foster resource parenting is temporary in nature with the goal of maintaining the safety of the child, promoting reunification, and promoting permanency for the child.