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HB2737SB6588 revises the name, term, membership, and duties of the Children’s Mental Health Workgroup.  It renames it the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Workgroup, with the duties of 1.) identifying barriers to and opportunities for accessing behavioral health services for children, prenatal until age 25 and their families, and 2.) advising the legislature on statewide behavioral health services for this population.

Membership requirements are outlined. The scope of the group is expanded to cover behavioral health. The work group shall convene an advisory group focused on school-based behavioral health and suicide prevention which has its own duties outlined

Beginning December 1, 2021, and every two years after, the workgroup will provide specific noted recommendations to the governor and the legislature.


2nd Substitute:

Striking amendment:

The section which requires OSPI to provide staff support for the school-based behavioral health and suicide prevention advisory group (in Section 1.6.c, a subcommittee of the children and youth behavioral health work group) is made subject to appropriations.