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HB 2793: Relating to providing for suicide awareness and prevention education for safer homes

HB 2793 establishes the Safe Homes Task Force to raise public awareness and increase suicide prevention education among key partners who are in key positions to help reduce suicide. The task force would be responsible for a wide array of activities including developing and disseminating a wide array of suicide education and prevention information, including as it relates to firearms. The bill would provide tax incentives to firearm dealers to encourage participation in a program to implement suicide awareness and prevention strategies. The maximum available tax credit would be capped at $2500. The bill would also amend current statute to mandate that the Department of Fish and Wildlife update their firearm safety pamphlet to include suicide awareness and prevention as recommended by the Safe Homes Task Force. The bill would further mandate current statute regarding professionals who must complete training in suicide assessment, treatment, and management every six years to include pharmacists Trainings for pharmacists would be required to include content related to the assessment of issues related to imminent harm via lethal injection. The bill would further mandate that the schools of pharmacy at the University of Washington and Washington State University convene a work group to develop curriculum for suicide treatment, assessment, and management for pharmacy students. Finally, the bill would require the Department of Health and the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission to jointly develop written materials on suicide prevention and awareness that pharmacies may post or distribute to customers.

As amended, the bill: Ÿ Ÿ Establishes a Safe Homes Task Force to develop suicide awareness and prevention education messages and training and implement advocacy efforts with key stakeholders to pair suicide prevention training with distribution of devices for safe storage of lethal means. Creates a Safe Homes Project to certify firearms dealers and firearms ranges that meet specified requirements as Safe Homes Partners, and establishes a business and occupation tax credit for firearms dealers and firearms ranges that are certified as Safe Homes Partners. Requires licensed pharmacists to complete a one-time training on suicide assessment, treatment, and management.