Partners for Our Children

This bill will institute a nationwide healthcare standard for pregnant people, fetusus, and newborns. Examples of new standards include limiting restrictive housing, and providing nutrition and physical/mental health education and support, modified recreation opportunities, and access to reproductive healthcare. Training and technical assistance will be provided to states and local prisons to ensure they can comply with standards around restraints and restrictive housing. Incentives will be given to states who meet or exceed standards of care for pregnant people. The bill will also prohibit the use of restraints on incarcerated pregnant individuals. This will apply to pregnancy, labor, and post-partum periods. Any use of restraints must be documented and justified, and annual reports will be submitted on any incidents that occur. The bill also requires corrections agencies to collect data on pregnant individuals and provided care to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Corrections agencies must also develop written policy protocols to respond to unexpected childbirth or other complications with pregnancy or childbirth.